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Groovy Mood Lamp! – Arduino Project Kit


The Arduino DIY Mood Lamp Project Kit comes in beautiful pre-wrapped packaging with a hand-written wooden chalkboard box with rope handles.

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The Arduino Project Kit: Mood Lamp Edition basket has everything you need to create your own color-changing mood lamp
or night light. Use the Arduino interface to create a rainbow of colors with an LED and make a cool
housing for your light! Includes instructions and other fun components for future Arduino projects. This
kit is a great introduction to physical computing and is suitable for kids aged 10 and up, or as young as 8
with an adult’s help.

The Arduino DIY Mood Lamp Project Kit comes in beautiful pre-wrapped packaging with a hand-painted wooden chalkboard box with rope handles. The chalk is washable, so you can create your own designs on the box!

Globe and wax for coating
72 page start guide
Genuine Arduino Uno R3
Arduino Breadboard Holder
Bread Board
Shift Register
Transistors and Diodes
Relays and Sensors
10K Trimpot
DC Motor with wires
Small Servo
USB Cable
Jumper Wires
LED’s (RGB, Red, Blue)
Buttons and Buzzers


This kit contains a genuine Arduino brand Uno board. After you construct your mood lamp, you can use the many other components in the kit to begin designing other projects! A quick internet search will reveal thousands of projects that you can make with just the components in your kit. Unleash your power to “make” with your Arduino Mood Lamp Project Kit!

At Gifty Widget, we have made many projects using the Arduino board. Some of our favorites include pinwheel spinners and tiny robots and cars! To get started, all you have to do is install the Arduino IDE on your computer (available from Arduino or on the Apple App Store or Windows Store), and plug the Arduino board into your computer. From there, you can use pre-written code or write your own using the proper structure for Arduino code. Let’s get creative and start making!


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