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Arduino Mega Fun Starter Kit


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Designed for the beginner programmer and maker but offering limitless possibilities for even the
experienced techie, the Arduino R3 Ultimate Starter Basket is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys
tinkering and designing new ways to use technology. With Arduino, anyone can make games and
machines like a pro!

Use the Arduino to make small gadgets and Internet of Things projects. The Arduino uses its own IDE to
make coding and uploading your ideas easy. This kit comes with an instruction booklet with tutorials to
get you started with the Arduino board and interface. Great for kids 10 years old and up, or as young as
8 years old with an adult’s help.

72 page start guide
Arduino Uno R3
Arduino & Breadboard Holder
Bread Board
Shift Register
Transistors and Diodes
Relays and Sensors
10K Trimpot
DC Motor with wires
Small Servo
USB Cable
Jumper Wires
LED’s (RGB, Red, Blue)
Buttons and Buzzers


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